News Rewix Mint

The main innovation visible to users introduced with the new version of Rewix Mint is the use of the Java development framework Vaadin. The major new features include:

New dashboard

The new dashboard is organized in a more functional way.


Top: shows at a glance the main business parameters. The parameters monitored are:


Graphics: it allows to graphically analyze the key sales parameters. The data analyzed are:


Filter: allows a filtered research. The parameters to be set are:


New menu

The main menu items have been completely reorganized.


The correspondences between the Rewix Mint menu entries with the previous version are the following:

Previous Version

Current Version

Dashboard Dashboard
Orders Orders Orders Management Orders
Orders Return Reqs Orders Management Return Reqs
Orders To Suppliers SCM & Dispatching To Suppliers
UserBase Users Customers Database Users
UserBase Channels Sales and marketing Channels
UserBase Friends Sales and marketing Friend get friend
Money-Off ECredit Sales and marketing Ecredit *
Money-Off Vouchers Sales and marketing Voucher *
CMS & Mailing Email CMS & Mailing Email
CMS & Mailing CMS CMS & Mailing CMS *
not available CMS & Mailing CMS Type *
CMS & Mailing Newsletter CMS & Mailing Newsletter
Shop Products Products Management Products
Shop Temporary sales Sales and marketing Temporary Sales
Logistics Lots SCM & Dispatching Lots
Logistics Suppliers SCM & Dispatching Suppliers
Logistics Warehouses SCM & Dispatching Warehouses
Logistics Load/Unload SCM & Dispatching Load/Unload
Logistics Multi-Logistics Settings Logistics Users
Logistics Dispatching SCM & Dispatching Shipping
Statistics General Statistics General
Statistics Stock Statistics Stock
Tools Batch Import Products Management Batch Import
Tools Remote Suppliers Products Management Remote Suppliers Import
Tools Intrastat Settings General settings
Tools AD HOC Invoices Settings General settings
Tools Print Invoices Settings General settings
Settings Payment Gateway Settings Payment Gateway
Settings Platforms Settings Platform
Settings Sequence Groups Settings Sequence Groups
Settings Countries Settings Countries
Settings Carriers SCM & Dispatching Carriers
Settings Currencies Settings Currencies
Settings Size Tables Settings Size Tables
Settings Tags Settings Tag Editor
Settings Change super password Settings General settings
not available Settings Vat System Rules
Front-end non disponibile
Logout User profile popup menu Sign out

The fields marked with * require special permission, they may not be visible in the menu to all users